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Instructors & Staff
Our instructors are required to attend monthly Instructor's Training Courses to ensure quality teaching. It is our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for our students and their families.
Instructors & Black Belts
Head Instructor
Vince Finnianous
3rd Dan Black Belt
Mr. Vince Finnianous (pronounced Fin-Yon-Us) is a third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Mr. Finnianous is the owner and head instructor of Tang Soo Do 2000. He started martial arts when he was a teenager in the 70's. Mr. Finnianous's interests and activities include gymnastics, rock climbing, and running. Mr. Finnianous completed college in 1972 and moved to Klamath Falls in 1980. He earned his 1st degree black belt in 1996. After struggling with more costly student fees and philosophical differences with his Korean federation, he joined AIKIA (American Independent Karate Instructors Association). AIKIA allowed Mr. Finnianous to combine other arts into his system while keeping student cost down. Mr. Finnianous has been instructing steadily in Tang Soo Do since 1995 and continues to cross-train. He also does extensive self-study in the martial arts and with his own personal and business life. Mr. Finnianous's goal for Tang Soo Do 2000 is to help individuals of all ages improve their quality of life through the three S's; self-defense, self-awareness, and self examination which are required of all Tang Soo Do students to obtain a black belt from his school.
Stephanie Finnianous
3rd Dan Black Belt Okinawan Shorei Kempo Instructor
I was born and raised in Wisconsin.   I have studied martial arts steadily since 1985 and earned my shodan (black belt) in Okinawan Shorei Kempo.  I am currently a 3 degree black belt in Shorei-Kempo. Thanks to my “upbringing” in Wisconsin martial arts, I had a broad general knowledge of various arts and good friends from many different styles.  After graduating college, I bounced around working for various agencies in biologist positions.  I moved to Oregon for a job in 1997, and here I met my wonderful husband, Vince, shortly after.  Vince already had Tang Soo Do 2000 when I met him, and (obviously) we hit it off extremely well in many aspects.  Since Tang Soo Do did not traditionally teach weapons, we integrated that component and some philosophies of my experiences into the classes.  I currently enjoy teaching our advanced Tang Soo Do students weapons, various martial arts and health concepts.  Vince had introduced me to the benefits of getting a regular therapeutic massage which we had both done for years, and I could feel what a difference it made in my health.  Over many years in martial arts, we learn a lot of ways to damage the body (others and our own), but to balance that, I had a strong desire to learn more about healing to balance my knowledge base.   In 2006, after we built our house and while remodeling our building for Tang Soo Do, I went back to school and changed careers to massage therapy, it was a whirlwind of activity!   I now enjoy being a self-employed Licensed Massage Therapist, and integrating decades of martial arts and sports experience with the body, philosophy, energy work, and various therapeutic/sport types of massage into my work with my massage clients.  Some of my other interests are:  reading philosophy, zen, various quantum theories, energy work, organic cooking, gardening and healthcare, jogging with and playing with our dogs, and any outdoor or water activity.  Innerworks Therapeutic Massage, lmt #13247.
Jack Chan
2nd Dan Black Belt
Mr. Chan is currently a personal trainer in Portland, OR and will soon be a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at USC. He had spent many years training and instructing at Tang Soo Do 2000 and continues to apply his martial arts training to every aspect of his life. He occasionally returns home to test his skills against an ever growing school.
Bree Pace
2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor
Mrs. Pace is originally from Southern California and moved to Klamath Falls in 1985. She graduated from Henley High School in 1997. After high school, Mrs. Pace started work in the medical field. Early in her career, she also trained as a reserve for the Klamath County Sheriff's Office and later was hired as a Deputy at the Jail. Mrs. Pace met her husband, who also was in Law Enforcement, and were married in 2004. She then returned to the medical field and now, with over ten years of experience, is currently working at Klamath Radiology as a coder. She has been with Klamath Radiology for almost four years and has currently enrolled in a coding certification program to be a certified medical coder. Mrs. Pace enjoys outdoor activities such as, camping, riding ATV's, snowmobiling, and fishing. She has been a student at Tang Soo Do 2000 since 1995. Mrs. Pace earned her 1st Dan Black Belt in 2003 and currently is a 2nd Dan Balck Belt. She has been instructing martial arts for over 9 years and is a certified instructor at Tang Soo Do 2000. Martial arts is a major part of Mrs. Pace's life and loves being an active instructor. Along with teaching, she is also working towards her 3rd Dan and teaching weapons. Remember "Life's a journey, not a destination"...
Dwane Cook
2nd Dan Black Belt
Mr. Cook grew up in the town of Klamath Falls Oregon, where he studied several styles of martial arts.   Dwane holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do under the instruction of Vince Finniounous. He also holds “Kru” status in Muay Thai from Master Tungsi. He has competed in  Muay Thai,  Cage Fighting, point, and full contact Karate. He also has background in Trap boxing, kali, and knife fighting..(he’s also pretty good with a BBQ). In 2004 Dwane Cook took over the TKO Fighting Arts franchise in Spokane, Washington, expanding the classes to include kids and adult Tang Soo Do, Muay Thai/Kickboxing and Cage combatives. (www.tkokickboxing.com)
Monica Garcia-Finnianous
2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor
Miss Monica Finnianous has been studying Tang Soo Do since 2004. Teaching and assisting students in martial arts is her passion. She has completed a one year Instructor Training Course and continues regular monthly training. Monica is currently attending Oregon Institute of Technology in order to earn her Bachlors Degree in Applied Psychology. After she completes her Bachlors, she will move onto earning her Masters Degree. She wishes to open her own business of Psychology. Monica enjoys outdoor activities, such as, sledding, rock climbing, caving, hiking, swimming, and camping. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Christy Mooney
Biography Coming Soon!
Cara Mooney
Biography Coming Soon!
Alex Lindsey
2nd Dan Black Belt Instructor
Mr. Lindsey is an O.I.T. graduate in health sciences and is on track to becoming a physical therapist. He loves rock climbing, swimming, and (of course) martial arts. He also trains in an "underground" freestyle form of martial arts known as Tricking -- which involves flashy kicks, spins, and flips. He loves to teach both kid's and adult's classes regularly and constantly works toward bettering his life by keeping his body healthy and mind clear and open. He has been a member of Tang Soo Do 2000 since late 2002.
Stephen McKinley
1st Dan Black Belt Instructor
Mr. McKinley has been a student of Tang Soo Do since 2000 and is an active member of the school's Black Belt Club. He works at Jeld-Wen as a Senior Programmer in the Software Services Group. During his free time, Mr. McKinley enjoys reading, computer games, Dungeons and Dragons, and has recently taken up running.
Zack Gailey
1st Dan Junior Black Belt Instructor
Mr. Gailey has been studying Tang Soo Do since he was six, in kindergarten, and earned his junior black belt when he was 13 years old. He lives out in the sticks and attends Bonanza School. Karate is his passion, but he also enjoys activities such as, competing through 4-H in cooking competitions, gaming racing events on horseback, and outdoor activities like running and hiking. At Tang Soo Do, Mr. Gailey loves teaching and working with all ages. He is currently on the Demo Team, he is learning about Tricking, and is training for his Senior Black Belt.
Other Black Belts
Caty Mooney
Jessica Chan
Chris Milligan
Jamie Long
Lillee Chan
Assistant Junior Instructors
Joslyn Crewse
3rd Stripe Red Belt
Biography Comming Soon!
Lorrin Rose
1st Stripe Red Belt
Lorrin Rose is Tang Soo Do 2000's youngest Assistant Junior Instructor. She started TSD 2000 at age 9, while attending Conger Elementry School as a 2nd grader. Miss Lorrin Rose is currently a Red Belt and is working towards her next rank. She states that she loves Tang Soo Do and will never stop loving it, because it has taught her so much.
Joe Byrum-Office Manager
Mr. Byrum was born and raised in southern California. he is the youngest of nine siblings. Mr. Byrum grew up playing baseball and loved going to the Dodger Stadium.
He got married at age 20 to his wife, Laurie, and shortly after that, they both moved to Klamath Falls. Mr. Byrum has two boys, Douglas and Eric. When he is not at work, Mr. Byrum enjoys going camping, fishing, working with wood and projects that include welding. Mr. Byrum met Mr. Finnianous (head instructor) in 1986, while working at Grovers. Mr. Finnianouse asked who drove the Baja Bug in the parking lot and the rest is history. Mr. Byrum has been the program director of Tang Soo Do 2000 since April 2010. He states that it is a very diversified job that is always full of surprises. He hopes to be here for many years to come and be a part of helping the school grow!
Other Staff Members
Stephanie Parks
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