Tang Soo Do 2000 -
Black Belt Club
This club is specifically designed for those students that are dedicated to becoming a Black Belt. BBC is held once a month for two hours and is based on learning about one's self and developing leadership skills. Students will also learn new/different techniques not normally taught during regular class time. Students must be BLUE BELT and above and be INVITED in to participate in this club. Being a part of BBC will enable you to receive a free Black Belt Club T-Shirt, a BBC patch, Membership Certificate, Membership Card, and a 10% discount on anything you buy from the Macho Shop, with an investment of $15.00 a month.
Instructor Training Class
This is a great class to learn how to structure, ask questions and learn the basics of how to teach TSD 2000's classes and it's free. Students Blue Belt and above are able to engage in this program if they have an interest in teaching. Red Belts are required to participate in these classes due to the essential hours they must teach in order to move up in rank.
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