Tang Soo Do 2000 -
Check out our kickin' yearly events! All yearly events are optional to participate in.
  • Halloween Party: Spook your kids out and have them participate in this ghoulish party with friends! They will join in game contests, haunted houses (optional), skits, toy auctions, and much more! Plus, parents get a night all to themselves! This party is usually held the Friday before Halloween. Costs and times will be announced closer to the date.
  • Ninja Night Party: It's summer vacation! Start it off right with Tang Soo Do 2000's annual Ninja Night Party involving toy auctions, games, skits with instructors, and more! Plus, it's a parent's night out all to themselves!
  • Rogue River Raft Trip: Bring your friends and family to this fun filled day on the Rogue! Bring your squirt guns for the BIGGEST swuirt gun fight you will ever encounter. Splash your friends, squirt your family, and dunk your instructors if you dare! Then end it with a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant. Everyone is welcome!
  • Klamath River Raft Trip: This 5-Class river has so much excitement to offer! You must be at least sixteen years of age to attend. Get ready for the ride of your life! Dinner is a must afterward. Trip available depending on interest.
  • Advanced Belt Camp: During the summer a TSD 2000 Camp will be held for 3rd degree Green Belts and above that are at least 13 years of age and have permissiion from Mr. Finnianous. This camp is designed to make friendships tighter, overcome fears, obstacles, and discover one's self. During this camp we will be using our martial arts and weaponry in the elements of the outdoors. Participating in this camp will embark you on a crazy, wild adventure that you will never foret and only those who went with you will understand!
  • Stranger Danger: What would you do if you were lost? What if someone is chasing you? Bring your child to Tang Soo Do 2000's Annual Stranger Danger Seminar so he/she can learn valuable awareness skills. Children will learn self-defense techniques, what to do in dangerous situations, and his/her emergency contact information, all while having a blast! Students and general public are welcome. There is no charge for this event.
  • Martial Art Seminars: Keep an eye out for different Martial Art Seminars available around town and in the region. These seminars are a great way to understand different martial art systems, study new techniques, and neet new people from all over! Here are some specific seminart to look out for: Grand Master Trejo Kenpo Seminar at Kocyla Karate (Klamath Falls, Oregon); Jose Bueno Progressive Martial Arts Seminar in Ashland, Oregon or held at Tang Soo Do 2000; Dwane Cook (one of our Black Belts in Spokane, Washington) Grappling/Cage Fighting Seminar at Tang Soo Do 2000.
  • Tournaments: Tournaments are held many times throughout the year. The purpose of coming is to learn from different styles of martial arts and make new friends. Tournaments are NOT about whether you win or lose, they are about the pizza you get afterwards! Here are some yearly tournaments Tang Soo Do 2000 attends: Kocyla Karate Tournament in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Scott Halsey's Tournament in Redding, California. Tang Soo Do 2000 also holds 1-2 In-House Tournaments a year!
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